Specialising in Injury Prevention & Management


Initial consultations are recommended for all new patients or new injuries, as a way for us to identify what it is that is that brings you to our clinic. Whether it is pain, performance or recovery, we will use the initial consultation to gather as much information about your issue as possible, to ensure that we offer you the best treatment possible and you return to what you love as quick as possible.


Injury rehabilitation is the key element to becoming pain free and staying there. It is the use of evidence based exercise prescription, focusing on your key weaknesses, mechanism of injury and causative factors.


Online consultations are a way for us to assess your injuries without the need for you to come in for a face-to-face appointment. This method of diagnosis/treatment is widely used throughout healthcare sectors and can be completed via video or telephone call.


Commonly used to release tension and stiffness in the body, deep tissue Sports Massage will increase range of movement around a joint, enhance posture and improve flexibility. It is also proven to relieve tension and stress, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


We are experts in both preparing you and your body for surgery and the recovery post-surgery. This is done through a combination of manual therapy, rehabilitation and pain management.


We can come to you! Sick days can cost a business thousands of pounds a year with a large proportion of this being down to musculoskeletal and back pain. Here at SB we specialise in back and neck pain with workplace injuries being the number 1 contributing factor. Services available: – Workstation assessments – In-house treatments (including massage & exercise programs) – Health & Wellbeing days To get your personalised business QUOTE and intern benefit your employees and productivity, please contact us using the LINKS below.

Postural Analysis

Our expert therapists will assess and observe the way you move to establish whether there may be an imbalance in your body’s structure. These imbalances may be putting certain areas of your body under strain, causing abnormal wear on other areas which could potentially be causing an injury. Corrective exercises will be prescribed to help reduce injury and improve physical movement and appearance.

Injury Management

In the unfortunate event of an injury, our Therapist are fully qualified to diagnose and treat injuries of every nature. A thorough mix of hands-on treatment with exercise prescription will ensure you are back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is a great way to identify any underlying causes to issues that can range from your feet all the way up to your spine. During this process we will look at everything from your foot posture to muscle imbalances.

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What To Expect From Each Visit


When you arrive at any one of our clinics you will be welcomed by one of our friendly Therapists.

You will be made to feel as comfortable as possible and will be asked a series of questions so the Therapist can gain an understanding of the reason for your visit. There will be a brief assessment to establish any areas of pain and discomfort.


The Therapist will then advise on which items of clothing you need to remove, leave the room whilst you get changed and will give you towels with which to drape yourself.

Your Therapist will return to begin the treatment and will continually update you on what they are doing and why. All Therapists are used to working and adapting the depth of pressure to each client’s individual tolerance level, so you shouldn’t experience too much discomfort.


During the treatment the Therapist will be starting to formulate a plan of how we can continue to help you moving forward.

At the end of each session you will be given an update on how your body seems to have reacted to the treatment and you will be given advice on how you can manage any discomfort once you leave the clinic. You may feel slightly sore, tender and a little lethargic post-treatment, all of which can be totally normal.


Despite this, we can guarantee that you will feel better within 1-2 days and will be already considering returning for further treatment.

In order for the client to build a professional relationship with each Therapist and to get continuity with each treatment, we recommend you try and see the same Therapist next time. However, if this is not possible then each Therapist has access to all client information so they will be fully informed on your history prior to meeting you.

What our patients think...

  • I booked in to see Ben as an old ongoing back injury had flared up again, preventing me from doing the exercise I enjoy. Ben was really friendly, approachable and totally professional and after a comprehensive examination I made weekly visits initially moving to more spaced out visits for treatment until things settled down. I am happy to say I am now pain free. Ben's treatment program was very thorough including exercises to do at home and also in the gym as my condition improved. I'm now back to doing the high intensity exercise I was before and I can't thank Ben enough for his treatment. Would 100% recommend Ben at Chorley SB Sports Massage.

    Lee Coulthard Avatar Lee Coulthard
  • Really professional and friendly service with great results. Elisha got my shoulder working perfectly again and explained to me what was wrong. I’ll definitely be going again.

    Lloyd Willcox Avatar Lloyd Willcox
  • I’m a regular now, with a sports massage booked in monthly. As always, great people proving a great service. Highly recommended 👍

    brisheard Avatar brisheard
  • I came to Danny at SB with stiffness and pain in my lower back. He explained in detail what he believed the issue to be and what was needed to get me moving pain free again. He advised of some great core and lower back exercises which I’ve incorporated into my gym workouts, and the pain has slowly eased which I’m delighted about. I highly recommend Danny - great knowledge and excellent facilities.

    Jord Barlow Avatar Jord Barlow
  • I would highly recommend SB Sports massage. I play a lot of sport and have an active job but recently have recently been getting a lot of lower back pain. Ben has fixed all my problems and am now pain and injury free. Really knowledgeable and friendly.

    Amy Craig Avatar Amy Craig