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Initial Consultation

Do I need an Initial Injury Consultation?

Initial consultations are recommended for all new patients or new injuries, as a way for us to identify what it is that is that brings you to our clinic. Whether it is pain, performance or recovery, we will use the initial consultation to gather as much information about your issue as possible, to ensure that we offer you the best treatment possible and you return to what you love as quick as possible. The initial consultation will also include time for treatment and advising on the recommended follow up treatment, such as manual therapy, rehabilitation and other modalities.

What to expect

During your initial consultation you can expect a thorough verbal, visual and physical assessment of your injury, to identify things such as weakness, restriction or recreation of your symptoms. For this we recommend that you bring with you any relevant medical documentation such as scan results, medication and previous diagnosis. Wearing gym or loose fitting clothing will make it easier for your therapist to assess you, you may also be asked to remove relevant clothing for your assessment and treatment. Following your assessment, your therapist will commence relevant treatment to reduce your symptoms. Guidance and advice will also be given on what you can be doing outside of our clinic to work towards your goals and the treatment that we will be able to provide for you along the way.

Benefits of online consultations

  • Assessment of your pain, performance or restrictions.
  • Identifying/ diagnosing the cause of your symptoms and how we can work together to reduce these.
  • Education and advice on injury management
  • Rehabilitation/ exercise plan
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What to expect from each visit


When you arrive at any one of our clinics you will be welcomed by one of our friendly Therapists.

You will be made to feel as comfortable as possible and will be asked a series of questions so the Therapist can gain an understanding of the reason for your visit. There will be a brief assessment to establish any areas of pain and discomfort.


The Therapist will then advise on which items of clothing you need to remove, leave the room whilst you get changed and will give you towels with which to drape yourself.

Your Therapist will return to begin the treatment and will continually update you on what they are doing and why. All Therapists are used to working and adapting the depth of pressure to each client’s individual tolerance level, so you shouldn’t experience too much discomfort.


During the treatment the Therapist will be starting to formulate a plan of how we can continue to help you moving forward.

At the end of each session you will be given an update on how your body seems to have reacted to the treatment and you will be given advice on how you can manage any discomfort once you leave the clinic. You may feel slightly sore, tender and a little lethargic post-treatment, all of which can be totally normal.


Despite this, we can guarantee that you will feel better within 1-2 days and will be already considering returning for further treatment.

In order for the client to build a professional relationship with each Therapist and to get continuity with each treatment, we recommend you try and see the same Therapist next time. However, if this is not possible then each Therapist has access to all client information so they will be fully informed on your history prior to meeting you.