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Doing 15-20 hours high intensity triathlon training a week, I need regular sports massages to aid recovery, get my body ready for the next hard session or event and to keep injuries at bay. I've had several sessions with Sally so far and have been really impressed with the results. Sally was thorough in her assessment and gave me advice and certain exercises to do. I can honestly say I have not been suffering with the glute and ITB tightness that can frequently give me so much grief. As a result I've also noticed a significant performance improvement in recent weeks, especially with my swim and run times. Thanks Sally.

Erica Booth

- GB Triathlete

I really look forward to my regular massage at SB sports massage. Sally always focusses on those areas giving me trouble and often finds areas I don’t know about! I train and compete a lot so I need to look after myself. Sally offers very useful advice and is incredibly knowledgeable. Finding a good quality soft tissue therapist is hard to come by, but I won’t go anywhere else now!

Jennifer Taylor

- GB Volleyball Olympian

As a squash professional it is paramount that I look after my body. SB massage meets this requirement and more with not only top quality massages but also expert understanding and opinion on what works best for each individual. I am confident they contribute positively to my physical condition and therefore my career. Thanks guys!

Jenny Duncalf

- Professional Squash Player

Being a fitness coach I need sports massage as part of my weekly routine to help with recovery after training and general maintenance after teaching around 20 classes a week. I have been visiting Sally regularly and have found her to be very knowledgeable about my various muscle tensions and my injuries, which have occurred due to the nature of my business, and I have benefitted greatly from my massages with her. Through my work in the fitness industry and especially through my Pilates teaching I have been able to recommend and refer my clients to Sally. My participants often come to my Pilates sessions because of back problems and various postural imbalances; Sally has seen a number of my clients who have always come back to me with nothing but praise for her. I will definitely be recommending her in the future.

Natalie Green

- Fitness Coach and Pilates Specialist

Working with Sally is going to be an essential part of my training and recovery routine. Having access to regular massage will help me train more effectively, improve performance, prevent injury and recover quicker. I am very fortunate to have Sally and Sports Massage as part of my regime.

Lisa Aitken

- Squash Player

My calf was so tight it felt like frozen meat!! After Team SB worked to release my calf it slowly felt like it was defrosting and I got a greater range and far less stiffness! I've been troubled for 12 months since a cricketing injury but I won't let it stop my golf. Team SB have certainly helped me on my road to recovery!!

Matt Taylor

- Headteacher & Golfer

Sally came to UKAR during the time that I worked at the company to provide sports massages for many of my colleagues. She was an absolute delight to deal with. It was extremely easy to advertise SB's services and the appointment slots were always filled very quickly. The quality of the therapy Sally provides is second to none. She is professional, straightforward and efficient and always responded promptly to any queries I had. I really cannot recommend Sally highly enough.

UKAR certainly was ahead of its time in encouraging the type of therapies Sally provides, but employers are becoming more enlightened about the benefits that come with such services for their staff. I know that SB will be in great demand and so it should be. It's a brilliant company, fantastic people.

Rachel Yates

- Business Support Manager

As a firm of chartered accountants our team work in a high pressured and at times stressful environment with constant client demands and deadlines to meet. Our team also spend a lot of time sat down at a desk and in front of a computer. As a client focused, service led business, a happy and productive team is essential for business. To assist with team moral and reduce stress levels we introduced a monthly visit from Team SB where all team members could have 30 minutes away from their desks to relax with a massage. We have introduced other methods to improve team moral, stress levels and ultimately productivity and I can honestly say that the monthly team massages has been one of the best tools we have brought in. I have had more 'thank you's' from the team following their massage than team day outs, Christmas Do's and even financial bonuses, which says a lot.

All the SB team are professional and knowledgeable. I can't recommend Team SB enough if any business owner is looking for a valuable tool to manage stress levels and reward and motivate their team.

Rob Stafford

- Accountant

I first came to see SB Sports Massage with pain in my shoulder due to a muscular problem in 2011 for which I had sought various other treatments with no success. After the first session I noticed a considerable reduction in the pain I was experiencing and regular sessions have kept the muscles in the area from becoming tight and painful, the relief of tension allowed me to reduce then finally come off the painkillers I was taking at the time.I have been for deep tissue massages in the past but no one has been as intuitive about finding the location of pain as Sally has or has been as effective at reducing it. I now regularly visit as a preventive measure and when a muscle in my back went into spasm in late 2012 I booked in SB Sports Massage as soon as I could. The treatment speed up the recovering time immensely, each week the tightness and severity of the pain reduced after a massage and I was able to get back to my regular duties sooner than if I had just relied on painkillers. I would thoroughly recommend SB Sports Massage as the service is both professional and excellent value.


- NHS Worker

Unbelievable Pain Relief!

Having persistent and painful problems with my lower back for over ten years, my Osteopath recommended that I should see Sally at SB Massage in the hope of relieving some tension from my back. Having spent a lot of money trying different therapists and practitioners, I decided to give this a try - and I am so glad that I did.

After one session of thorough, deep tissue massage, combined with Sally's intuition, it soon became apparent that my lower back pain wasn't necessarily associated with my back, but rather the tensions within my legs - glutes, IT band, calves and quads.

After only two sessions the stiffness, tension and pain in my lower back subsided considerably, almost to the point of no pain at all. I continue with one session per week from Sally and feel that the treatment I receive is exceptional value for money, the freedom from pain is remarkable and Sally's expertise is so clearly evident.

I look towards the future with a more positive outlook knowing that my pain can be managed and even removed by the treatment I now receive from SB Massage. I will tell any of my friends and family who suffer with muscular pain to consider seeing Sally.

Thanks for all your help and support and all the best for the future.

Richard Hayden

- Director

Sally approached Chorley Golf Club with a request to introduce herself to members and provide information and initial help for those with golf related injuries. Subsequently we met to discuss her background and any thoughts she had on how she wished to involve the club.

It soon became apparent that she is a very pleasant and professional lady with considerable experience of treating sports related injuries, including working with GB Olympic squad members. She told me that opening her centre in Chorley was a new venture following on from her other centres in Leeds and Bolton.

As a result of our meeting Sally came to one of our Major competitions, Chairmans Trophy day, which we play midweek and features both men and lady golfers. In all 165 golfers played that day. Sally set up an injury clinic, positioned near the scorecard computer to gain maximum throughput of players, which was manned all day by professional staff and offered free advice to any players with golf related injuries.

From the Clubs point of view the day went well. There was no disruption to the competition or the day to day running of the club and the members were happy.

From the experience we had at Chorley Golf Club, I would have no hesitation in recommending Sally to any other golf club who are considering any similar venture.

Dr Iain Hall

- Chairman of Directors, Chorley Golf Club

I found the treatment from Team SB very beneficial. My lower back and shoulder feel significantly better. He also spent some time showing me some stretches and ensuring I was doing some strengthening exercises correctly. The treatment started on time and I found him very respectful. I had my reservations about a Sports Massage with a male but I was desperate. But I needn't have been concerned.


- Netball Player

I lead a relatively active lifestyle, but also have a job that involves sitting at a desk in an office five days a week. Since starting to visit Sally for deep tissue massages on a regular basis, I have become much more aware of the tension that has built up in my back and shoulder muscles over the past few years. The massages have been excellent in relieving this tension, leaving me feeling much more energised and has helped a great deal in improving both my posture and flexibility. The service Sally provides is superb and I would recommend her to anyone.

Mike Emery

- IT Professional

As a busy professional photographer, often running around on location shoots, Sally and her team helped keep me moving active and able to work after a knee injury.

Having used many other massage therapists over the years I have found Sally to be one of the best around. A complete expert at sports massage with a knack for finding the exact point in my body where pain was arising, then treating it, only for me to feel lots better and recover in a matter of days. I'm now walking better than ever before and feeling pain free. Thanks Sally!!


- Photographer

As a terminal avoider of exercise, I took up running a couple of years ago and took things relatively easy at first. As I eventually began to increase my mileage, working towards longer distance races, I found that my legs would feel much more tired, more often. It didn't take long for this to affect my ability to train, and rest alone wasn't having any impact.

My first massage with Sally had an immediate, positive impact on my training. Sally's massage was very effective, and she highlighted potential problem areas for me to work on in my training. My subsequent monthly sessions with Sally have been just as important in keeping my legs feeling fresh, and I consider them to be absolutely essential to success in my training and to avoid injury. Sally is very adept, knowledgeable and sensitive to my requirements as a runner and I continue to highly recommend her to others, including non-runners.

Paul Holloway

- IT Professional

Over the years I have received treatment and advice from various outlets and advisers but felt no real advancement or relief from what they gave or offered. Since seeing Sally from the beginning of the year for Deep Tissue Massage to my upper body i.e. shoulders, neck and back I have had best posture restored and areas in the shoulder region that had been seized up for years liberated. I continue to have the treatment as often as I can. I believe the wealth of expertise and knowledge that Sally has would benefit lots and lots of people seeking relief from stress and stiffness to enhance their general wellbeing. I have from personal knowledge, contact and observation no hesitation in recommending SB Sports Massage. Sally has always displayed initiative and enthusiasm for my case within her ambit of activity, as well as the element of reliability and I am grateful that I am able to continue enjoying life to the fullest due to the treatment received.

William Webster

- Security Advisor

I started seeing Sally for help with my back after being diagnosed with three slipped discs and chronic sciatica. After a couple of sessions, I felt the first significant improvement in the level of pain in over a year - and I've have regular massages with Sally ever since! Having tried numerous approaches to manage the chronic pain (from painkillers, regular physiotherapy, epidural injections and acupuncture), I can honestly say that treatment with Sally has been the one intervention that always yields significant relief. Not only is Sally an excellent therapist, she is a lovely person to work with and I look forward to seeing her every week. I would recommend SB massage to anybody seeking management of pain caused by spinal problems or muscular disorders - you don't have to be 'sporty' to benefit!


- Health Professional

I have been singing the praises of SB Sports Massage to lots of people and telling them about my improved times at the Park run in Leeds. I went from over 40 minutes for two races – when I had to walk with my injured calf – to around 25 minutes which is really better than I have done for a long time. I am really pleased. Thank you!!


- Physical Activity Advisor

I've been having regular treatment with Sally for a year now. I developed a medical problem that affected my neck muscles causing lots of muscle pain and involuntary tremors and spasms. There is no permanent cure and I have been seeking all sorts of treatment from acupuncture to tai chi. The treatment sessions with Sally have helped cope with the symptoms. Sally offers a friendly professional service and always shows a great enthusiasm for her work. I would definitely recommend Sally to others.


- Dentist

I first met Sally when she held a promotional event at Fitness First Gym, after having a quick consultation I decided to book a Deep Tissue Massage. This was quite an experience at first, especially the day after when everything ached. I have since been back a number of times now and enjoy the treatment. Sally makes me feel at ease whilst I am there and is very professional in her manner. I have recently lost a great deal of weight and since having the massages I feel that my posture is improving. The only down side to the treatment for me is that the time goes very quickly, but I do feel relaxed and energised afterwards. If anyone should ask me is it worth it? I would certainly say yes and it is money and time well spent. I would certainly recommend Sally to others.

Ann Gibbs

- Retired

Regular massage treatment from Sally has been one of the best investments I've ever made. Because of a genetic disorder I regularly dislocate joints, and as a result I deal with arthritis and a lot of residual soreness in the surrounding muscles and tendons. I get massage treatments every other week, and these treatments have been fantastic not only at addressing acute injuries, but also at keeping the long-term soreness and stiffness from building back up. Sally's massage technique is wonderful -- she combines an intricate knowledge of anatomy with a very intuitive sense of where things are sore or stiff. I'm convinced that my regular treatments with her are as useful for preventing injuries and chronic pain as they are for treating it. For me, they've quickly become an essential.


- Lecturer