Treating Back Pain – A Client’s Story

Nov 30, 2016

Back Pain female In late 2012 a muscle in my back went into spasm and I had never appreciated how painful a back injury could be.

At the time I was working in an office and sitting at a desk all day, which contributed to, and compounded the problem. The pain was so immense that I had to take time off work as I was unable to sit on a chair, the least painful position was lying down. I went to the doctor who prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants and was told to rest my back. The painkillers and muscle relaxants provided a small amount of relief but after a week the pain was still at a level that meant sitting, and therefore working, wasn’t an option. It was a horrible experience and with each passing day the frustration at not being able to do any of my normal activities grew and I grew quite despondent with the situation. As well as the physical pain, the strong painkillers had nasty side effects and I often felt nauseous and ‘out of it’. It’s fair to say at the time I would have done anything to relieve the pain.

I went to see Sally at SB Sports Massage after a week of agonising pain and she was immediately able to find the problem area and started to break down the muscle spasm, she has an intuitive nature about locating problem areas. The treatment is different from a regular massage as it targets any fraught muscles and rather than being just a relaxing experience enabled my muscles to start to heal. It only took one session to feel the results and start to regain some functionality and I was able to stop taking the painkillers. Importantly Sally gave me advise on how to build up my core strength with exercises and stretches that helped in the short term and in the long term hopefully will stop the problem reoccurring. As a result my poor posture has improved and I have a much better awareness of what I am putting my back through.

Sally’s help was imperative in reducing the pain and my back recovered much quicker than had I just relied on medication alone, which meant I was able to return to work sooner than I had expected. It was also really helpful seeing Sally as she was able to give me information on what exactly was happening with my muscles and that took a lot of the confusion and frustration out of the situation.

Her advice and encouragement was priceless and the regular deep tissue massages that I now visit her for have stopped muscle tightness building up in areas that I wasn’t even aware of. From sitting at a desk all-day and using the computer the muscles in my neck and shoulders had become tight and were causing neck ache and headaches. Since discovering the benefits of Sally’s knowledge and training my quality of life has improved and I no longer have to suffer the aches and pains that I would have usually just put up with or relied on painkillers.

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