Pregnancy Massage – relieve the pain!

Nov 29, 2016

pregnant womanMassage alleviates aches, pain and tension during the final stages of your pregnancy and helps ensure rapid postnatal recovery. The safety and well being of both the mother and baby is considered at all times and massage is not recommended during the first 16 weeks of your term. Massage during pregnancy can reduce pain in the lower back, neck & hips, improves circulation which in turn reduces swelling, enhances skin pliability and generally relaxes the client during this time. Sciatica can also affect women during pregnancy as the weight of the foetus is prone to pressing against the Sciatic nerve. (Read more about Sciatica here)The client sits on a chair at the side of the massage couch and leans comfortably against the couch, supported with the use of pillows. The back is massaged with the practitioner standing and crouching behind the client. Most pregnant clients are so relaxed that they manage to fall asleep – practically sitting upright!! Massage will also help restore the body to its pre-pregnant condition by relieving sore muscles, relaxing the body and reducing the likelihood of abdominal scar tissue.

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