Top 10 Reasons Why Massage is for Every Body

Nov 30, 2016

We use a strap-line at our clinics which is “For every body, not just an active body” and we truly believe this is true. SkeletonYou don’t have to be a sports person to be eligible for a Sports Massage, in fact, you don’t even need to participate in sport! Here are some of the reasons why every body should be having massage regularly.

1. Massage alleviates chronic pain

The majority of people that we meet tell us they have an ache or pain somewhere in their body. Because so many people lead such static lifestyles (as they sit at a desk for up to 8 hours a day), they suffer with back, neck and shoulder pain on a regular basis. The body is designed to move therefore sitting still with hunched shoulders and your head pushed forward to look at a computer screen is not the ideal. Massage will improve your alignment and relieve your discomfort and is a much healthier approach than taking medication for pain.

2. Massage promotes better sleep

Massage reduces tension in the muscles, naturally making you feel more relaxed. Massage has been linked to increased delta waves in the brain which are connected to inducing a deeper, more restful sleep.

3. Massage can relieve symptoms of depression

Massage will release the tension, stress and anxiety that is often accompanied with mild depression. Studies show that receiving physical touch can change our bio-chemistry and lower our cortisol levels, the body’s natural stress hormone. If our cortisol levels are too high then it causes all kinds of imbalances in our system, including feelings of depression. In addition, massage has been proven to encourage the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormone. What better natural way to regulate your hormones than with a massage to relax the body and improve the mind.

4. Massage can boost your immune system

When we are stressed and anxious all of the time it’s harder for our bodies to fight off and defend against the pathogens we’re exposed to every day. Massage will not only relax you, making you less stressed but will increase the drainage of the lymphatic system and flush our systems of waste like bacteria and viruses from the body, making us better equipped to fight off germs and infections.

5. Massage will address structural imbalances

skeletal imbalances

Our Therapists are trained to assess your body and see if there are any alignment issues. When the body is misaligned, other areas of the body will over compensate and this could result in an injury. With regular treatment, our skilled Therapists will observe any changes in your body over time and will react quickly to rectify them, balancing out the body and improving natural postural alignment.

6. Massage heightens mental alertness

When you give your body and mind a chance to relax with massage and the tension releases to de-stress you, your levels of mental clarity and alertness will increase.

7. Massage can increased joint mobility

When muscles around a joint are tight they can disrupt the natural alignment of the joint and cause pain. By releasing this tension, the range of movement in the joint will improve. When a joint is no longer hampered by stiffness, normal muscle function will return and movement improves.

8. Massage improves skin tone

Not only does massage relieve tension in the skin it also increases circulation which will promote the movement of oxygen through the body and encourage cell regeneration. Massage also stimulates the production of sebum, a substance that helps to improve suppleness and naturally moisturises the skin.

9. Massage eliminates ongoing complaints

Sometimes pain will reoccur and it is often difficult to know where it originates from. As an example, tension headaches may be caused by stiffness in the neck, which may be caused by poor posture. Our Therapists will give you advice on how to rectify your posture, prescribe exercise and stretches to ease your discomfort away from the clinic, which should eliminate the neck stiffness which ultimately stops the headaches occurring.

arthritis diagram10. Massage assists with common health disorders

Any disorder, ranging from insomnia, headaches, back pain, arthritis and many more can be eased with massage as it provides positive benefits for many common health complaints.

The list is almost endless as to what massage can do for you, sporty or non-sporty.

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