Top 4 Complaints We Treat

Nov 30, 2016

sciatica1At SB Sports Massage & Rehabilitation we treat a variety of different clients with varying conditions, complaints and problems associated with pain, dysfunction and immobility. Here are the top 4 complaints that we treat on a daily basis:

1. Back Pain

Did you know that back pain is the No.1 reason for absence in manual jobs in the UK and the No.2 reason for long term sickness within UK offices? The NHS spends more than a billion pounds a year on back pain related treatments and listen to this…nearly 40% of back pain sufferers visit their GP for help but only 10% consult a skilled Therapist for treatment.

Massage is a legitimate method for fighting back pain. The Independent reported in July 2011 that “a weekly one-hour massage treatment over a 10-week period reduces pain more so than medications and the positive effects lasted for six months.” For complaints 1, 3 and 4…

2. Neck Pain

Lots of clients carry tension in their upper back and neck. a dysfunction in these areas can trigger pain signals into neck painthe brain and cause headaches. Many muscles that originate in your upper back and around the shoulder blades attach into the neck therefore tension and knots at one end of the muscle can cause discomfort and pain at the other end. Whether you have slept funny, been involved in a car accident or taken a fall, whatever the reason, we can help relieve your symptoms associated with neck pain and headaches.

A skilled Therapist will assess the movement and strength in your neck and help correct any muscular imbalances with treatment and exercise prescription.

3. Sciatica

Shooting pain, numbness, tingling down one side of your lower back to your foot? Sound familiar? Sciatica or sciatic-type symptoms are caused when the sciatic nerve becomes aggravated or inflamed. The Sciatic Nerve runs from the lower back, through the buttock muscles and down the back of each leg. As the nerve gets inflamed it causes the muscles to tighten around it to protect it. The tightness in the muscle can impinge on the nerve causing further aggravation and discomfort.

Sciatic symptoms can be very painful. Our skilled Therapists are trained to release the tension in the muscles and the nerve and will work with you to loosen off the tissues and give you the relief you are looking for.

4. Foot Pain

plantar fascia 13Intense pain in the underside of your foot and in your heel is often diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. This is a very common condition with no visible features that highlight the complaint. A burning sensation, stabbing pains and general aches in the heel and arch of the foot are common symptoms.

The Plantar Fascia tendon runs along the bottom of the foot and can become inflamed. Common reasons for this are wearing incorrect footwear, excessive impact through the lower leg and foot, a tightness in the calf muscles and doing too much too soon. Plantar Fasciitis is most painful in the morning therefore a course of stretching is prescribed to encourage the tissue to move. This, combined with regular intervention from a Practitioner are both beneficial in alleviating the painful symptoms in the foot.

Are you suffering with one of these four common complaints? Please don’t suffer in silence. We can help ease your pain and ensure you live more comfortably. Whether it be discomfort in your back or neck, muscle pain, joint stiffness, foot pain, headaches or sciatica, all of these common complaints are treatable at one of our clinics. You just have to come and talk to us about it.

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