Troubled with Back Pain?

Nov 29, 2016

Did you know that back pain is the the No1 reason for absence in manual jobs in the UK and the No2 reason for long term sickness within UK offices? Back pain limits your activity rate and costs UK employers £624 million per year. The NHS spends more than £1 billion a year on back pain related treatments ranging from GP consultations, hospital appointments and physiotherapy sessions. The most surprising statistic of all is that nearly 40% of back pain sufferers visited their GP for help but only 10% consulted a skilled therapist for a deep tissue (sports) massage treatment.

Do you sit with poor posture at a desk all day? Drive long distances? Have a manual labour-intensive job? Feel stressed and anxious? If so, you would benefit from a deep tissue massage. Massage is recognised as a legitimate method for fighting back pain and The Independent (July 2011) reported that a weekly one-hour massage treatment over a 10-week period reduces pain more than medications and the effects lasted for six months.

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