The Benefits of Regular Massage

Nov 30, 2016

Why wait until your muscles are in desperate need of attention to get treatment? People spend a long time talking or thinking about niggling pain and muscle aches but how much time do people actually spend focussing on preventing those niggles becoming injuries in the first place? Injuries that could ultimately cause them pain and slow them down.Regular Massage

It’s a fact that a tight muscle has a high risk of getting injured. Tightness in a muscle can limit your range of movement which will over-stretch the body and potentially lead to injury. In contrast, relaxed muscles give you a better range of movement and less restrictions in mobility, allowing the body to be more balanced and move more freely. Regular Massage, as part of your healthy lifestyle, will keep your muscles loose and feeling relaxed, keeping you pain-free and more able to perform injury-free. A good massage will ensure you feel lighter and more flexible and those little aches and pains you thought were normal will disappear. 

For those that exercise, the training “high” is exhilarating but the feeling associated with being unable to work-out can be bleak. Inactivity can result in depression and lethargy and can set you back if you are following a specific schedule. For those of you that are less active, you can still experience pain by being static. Our bodies are designed to move and have to work hard to contract to hold the body in static positions (I am thinking about those of you who sit at a desk all day!). Hence your muscles will tighten, causing pain and immobility, even when there’s no movement involved.

Being in pain can be miserable but there may be one good thing that comes out of experiencing this pain – it makes you realise the importance of feeling pain-free!!

A knowledgeable Massage Therapist will not only keep your muscles loose and injury-free, they will play a key role in preventing an injury before it turns into one. A reputable Therapist will identify the areas that are tight before you realise they are and will treat these areas thoroughly to return the body to a more balanced state, reducing the likelihood of injury. Their aim will be to get you to a state of health and well-being so they can concentrate on maintaining the ongoing health of your body rather than dealing with its injured side.

As a guide, the more often you exercise the more regular a massage is required. If you are active on average 3 times a week then you will benefit from a regular massage treatment once a month. If you are already injured, the frequency of massages will be greater initially but as your muscles start to recover, the gap between the treatments gets longer and a regular monthly maintenance massage will suffice. It makes sense to use massage as a prevention rather than a cure and will be more cost-effective in the long run.

People regularly look after their cars to be sure they can get them from A to B so it makes sense to look after your body for the same reasons!! Your body needs to run well and stay healthy to keep you active and boost performance. Keep your machine in good working order and it will serve you well and remember…a Monthly Maintenance Massage is less than the price of your daily coffee!

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