Revealed: Why Injury Prevention is Better than Cure

Nov 30, 2016

Why wait until your body is in desperate need of attention to get treatment? Why let an injury occur when you could easily have prevented it from happening in the first place. We meet many clients who visit our clinics with niggles, pain and injuries that, had they been addressed sooner, could have been prevented. Are you one of them??

It’s a tight muscle that is more at risk of turning into an injury if it is ignored. And muscles very easily get tight if theyknee injury are overused or moved in a way that they are not used to. So, by over-training or by introducing your body to a new exercise, you can shock your muscular system into spasm, causing pain and restricting movement. When muscles are restricted from moving in the way they are designed to, other areas of the body over-compensate and over-stretch to make the movement possible. These overcompensating muscles find themselves at risk of injury as they overwork. You can see, a vicious circle starts to form!

A skilled Practitioner not only keeps your muscles, tendons and ligaments loose, but they will also regularly assess the alignment of your body, spot any imbalances and weaknesses, treat these and give useful advice on how to realign the body, strengthening the right parts in the right places.

UsainThe best results come with cumulative treatments over time, not only because the muscles adapt to regular treatments, but also because your Therapist gets used to the way your body looks, feels and is aligned. They get used to your body’s areas of strengths and weaknesses and learn to quickly establish the areas of your body that need the attention during each treatment.

Regular treatment, approximately every 4 weeks, helps keep your muscles relaxed, your body balanced and symmetrically aligned, all of which ultimately means you are less likely to get injured. With a better range of movement and less restrictions in mobility your body moves well, keeping you pain-free. In the first instance, you may find you need a few treatments more regularly, say every week or two, which gives the Therapist the opportunity to spot any discrepancies in movement patterns and gives your body a chance to acclimatise to the treatments. In general, the more your muscles adapt to the treatment the bigger the gap between each session.

A regular treatment can help you perform better. Any niggle or discomfort can be soul-destroying for an athlete of any standard to have to stop what they love doing because they have to take time out to deal with treating an injury. A regular program of massages throughout your training schedule for an event will reap more benefits than a one-off session. Again, think injury prevention rather than cure.

A regular maintenance treatment will keep niggles at bay…keep your body loose and there will be less muscular Yoga Mantightness with less restrictions in range of movement and therefore less of a risk of injuries.

Treatment plans are individual. Your Therapist will advise you on the best treatment schedule based on your exercise goals. Consider whether you have a recurring injury, are tackling a new distance, increasing training load or pushing new limits. Look at your race schedule and plan treatments around these targeted dates.

If you are less active, a monthly massage treatment and postural assessment will help you stay relaxed and tension free. And of course, we do consider your budget. We are realistic of the fact that not everyone can afford a treatment as often as they would like so we are always keen to give clients our best knowledge with tips on how they can help themselves away from our clinic environments, with stretches, strengthening exercises and self-massage techniques.

You wouldn’t run your car without ensuring its safety with a regular MOT and you wouldn’t rely on the medical health of your body without seeking advice from an expert. So why ignore pain and discomfort, the same pain and discomfort that will potentially turn into an injury if left to heal itself, without getting it looked at by a skilled Practitioner?

And in very simple terms…

A Monthly Maintenance Treatment is less than the price of your daily coffee.

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