Does Sports Massage Hurt

Feb 14, 2017

There’s one question that our Therapists are commonly asked before and during treatments at our clinics…how much is this going to hurt? The answer to this question can vary depending on the clients’ needs, as well as the kind of treatment they require. Not all deep tissue massages have to be deep and firm. We can still achieve the desired result with less pressure rather than more, depending on your tolerance level to pressure and depth.

A pre-exercise sports massage is supposed to be relatively light and pain-free, designed to heat the muscles up ready for exercise. However, when it comes to a sports massage that is designed for recovery, to break down muscular tension and/or for the treatment of injuries, the pressure is increased and the Therapist will work deeper into the muscles to flush out toxins, break down scar tissue and reduce tension.

SB%20Sports%20Massage50The pressure applied by your therapist should always be within a client’s pain threshold. If the massage is too deep then it can hurt and the client will be unable to relax. There could be times during your treatment that the pain increases due to your Therapist working into an injured area or a particular tender area of tension. However, the depth of treatment should still be within your tolerance level, otherwise the client will be too uncomfortable. Our Therapists are trained to have a good level of communication with each client to ensure that the pressure isn’t too much so the treatment is as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

It is also important to remember that, if it is your first time experiencing a sports massage or if you have a considerable amount of tension in your muscles, it could be the most painful massage you may have, simply because your muscles are not used to deep tissue treatments. The good news is your muscles very quickly adapt to the treatments over time and your tolerance to the pressure will increase, allowing the Therapist to work deeper if necessary. This is why we recommend a regular monthly treatment to keep your muscular tension to a minimum.

It is important to stretch your muscles regularly and incorporate self-massage in the form of Foam Rolling into your training regime. The more regular you have a treatment the easier it feels. Your muscles will very quickly feel a reduction in muscular tension as you get used to the pressure applied by your Therapist.

For advice on how to use a Foam Roller, click here.

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