Are your muscles ready to try the evolution of the Foam Roller?

Nov 29, 2016

Sports Massage has been proven to flush the muscles and ease the soreness in the body after exercise. In addition, a qualified therapist should be able to uncover any tightness in the muscles and detect any muscular imbalances, both of which if left untreated could develop into an injury. In an ideal world it would be great to have a weekly massage to keep your muscles loose. However, for many people this is simply not practical so self massage is a good way to prevent your muscles tightening between treatments with a qualified practitioner. A great way to manipulate the muscles yourself is by using The Grid. This is an evolution of the traditional foam roller and comes well recommended. It is an easy and effective way to target tension in muscles and release the stiffness yourself. The Grid is readily available through an internet search and although it’s slightly more expensive than the standard roller, it is tougher and will last longer. When your muscles feel heavy, sore and tight, make The Grid a regular part of your post-training routine.

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